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December 2017 - Music & Metrics

I buy a lot of music.

That's an iTunes screenshot, but I buy my music elsewhere. It's mostly 320 kbps MP3, though I've got a couple of lossless albums, and a smattering of vinyl LPs at home.

I have multiple versions of some albums - mono versions, stereo version, originals, remasters. I have maxed out the 20,000 songs I can sync to Google Play on the free account. I have upgraded my iPod Classic from a 160GB hard to a 256GB SSD. It may, in fact, be a psychological problem. But, I do listen to what I buy, repeatedly.

Having said all that, I have a fascination with my music listening metrics in iTunes, and something has happened that messed mine up.

I reset these numbers once a year (I'm almost due) and I am 100% sure that I did NOT listen to any song on The Cars 'Heartbeat City' album 57 times this year. I realize that would only be a little over one listen per week, but I have a LOT of music, and The Cars are not in heavy rotation. 80s music generally wasn't …

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