May 2017 - Phoenix Comicon

It's September 6th as I'm typing this up, and I'm setting the date and time to May 28th, which was the last day of Phoenix Comicon this year. I'm not sure if that will place this entry correctly chronologically, but it's worth a try.

 Around this time, I was becoming disenchanted with my camera gear. It's not the camera's fault - I was just realizing that I'm bad at taking care of lenses and particularly sensors. I had spots that didn't go away when professionally cleaned. Comicon was my last big outing with the GX7. From there I was deciding whether to go to the GX8 or switch back to a bridge/superzoom camera.

Comicon was held at the Phoenix Convention Center, and I attended with my wife Angelina, and our youngest daughter, Audrey. We attended all four days, and I mostly went to stalk one of my favorite authors, Jim Butcher.

Jim Butcher at Phoenix Comicon, 2017
 'Stalk" is a strong word, I suppose. But my wife and I are both fans of his Dresden Files series, so we tried to attend as many author panels that he was in that we could. That man is the magic. Snarky, erudite, engaging. Definitely panel-stalk-worthy.

We had a secondary target, Pierce Brown, author of our son-in-law's favorite book series, the Red Rising trilogy.

Pierce Brown at Phoenix Comicon 2017, flanked by my wife and me.
 We caught up with Mr. Brown at a signing event, and we brought in some Red Rising artwork for him to sign for our son-in-law. He took the time to talk to us while we got his autograph, and (obviously) pose for a photo with us. Super nice guy. For the record, my wife and I have both read and deeply enjoyed the Red Rising series on my son-in-law's recommendation.

Other than those photos, I have to confess my heart wasn't really in it this year, as I was deeply discouraged by my sensor dust issues.  I did take a few more photos that I was happy with, though.

I am not sure who they were cosplaying but they looked amazing.

The Log Lady (Twin Peaks)

Barf (Spaceballs)

My friend Heather had a booth.

Poison Ivy (Batman). She let me know that she was a fellow Hufflepuff upon seeing my house tie.
Our friend Jess dressed as Rapunzel. My wife was helping re-secure Pascal to her shoulder.

No idea. I'm mostly including this photo because the woman on the right clearly didn't expect to be included in the shot.

Greg, The Beast, and Wirt! My favorites! )Over the Garden Wall)


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