10th June, 2017 - scavenging

My older brother and I signed up to do a photography Scavenger Hunt on Google Plus. That's right: we actually use Google Plus. He's just recently moved away from being my next door neighbor (in Arizona) to San Antonio, Texas. Today was sign-up day, and it was limited to 350 spots. They'll announce the seven categories maybe as soon as tonight (in the past it's been several days), and they'll tell us the due date, which is usually a month or so out. I can't share categories until after the due date. Creativity is highly encouraged.

Note - I intend to update this blog at least weekly. Two posts in one day will be very rare. And here's a bonus photo for your trouble. This was taken with an iPhone on the lake by my house. I used the Lightroom app to sharpen it and bring out the sunset colors. 

Oh - his house is for sale, and we've got access to this little private lake. Just sayin'.


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