15th June, 2017 - lo-o-ong sleeve shirts

I'm short, and that's okay. Economy class seating on airlines would be even worse if I were taller. There are sports cars that fit me perfectly, and doorways in storied old buildings that I don't have to duck under, and tunnels and caves that are easier for me to explore, etc. Over all, the needle on the envy-o-meter rarely budges. But I want some Ministry of Supply dress shirts, which many savvy travelers seem to think are the ultimate in travel dress shirts. Apparently I'm either too short or too broad shouldered. I sent a message to their Questions email:
I'm 5'7", but I've got a 42" chest and and a 34" waist, so if I buy one (or three) of your Apollo 3 dress shirts, I need a large, presumably slim. The sleeves, however, are listed as 36", which would break at roughly my knuckles. I could live with 34", but the 36" sleeve is just too long for me. Any chance you'll produce any shirts for us shorter folks?

They replied within thirty minutes, which I think shows pretty compelling customer service:

Dress smarter. Do more.
Hey Brian,
Thanks so much for reaching out! We do hope to offer custom sizes one day but it's not in our definite plans yet. Some people do get the gear tailored!
We'll definitely keep you updated if we start!
Thanks so much for the support!
Keep cool,
I've mostly heard nightmares regarding getting shirt sleeves tailored, so I think I'll be waiting for them to come out with more sizing options. For today, I sorta, kinda wish I was just a little bit taller.  (Note - correspondence posted with permission.)

About today's photo: I took this in January on a trek along I-10 when my wife and I were dropping off our middle daughter in Florida for YWAM. We needed fuel, so we pulled off the highway in Welsh, Louisiana. The fuel pumps pumped slowly, so I had time to use the restrooms, discover they had no paper towels or even dispensers, dry my hands on  my pants, get my camera out of the car and wander across the road to this absentee pier. I'll confess, I was kinda looking for alligators, and because I wasn't watching my feet I almost stepped on a water moccasin, who looked very startled and offended, but quickly changed direction away from me. I did not get her/his photo. But I took this shot, and I quite like it.


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