June, 2017 - shifting gear(s) part two

I've acquired the Sony RX10 m3. Technically, the old gear was supposed to be sold off before the new camera came home, but I sold two firearms and that covered most of the cost. I rarely fired my guns, and was more than willing to go shooting with a Sony instead of a Glock. I haven't had much opportunity with the new camera yet, but just after office hours I took a walk behind the building and snapped a couple shots.

I caught a desert hare cooling off in the mud. It hit 112° F today here, and a National Weather Service heat advisory is supposed to last through Thursday.

And this pair of quail was out catching a drink. I may need to remind myself not to rely on the zoom lens. I've got a road trip coming up soon, and I am very much looking forward to giving this unit a serious field test.


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