June, 2017 - life after socks

Years ago I made a sartorial decision to replace every sock I owned. I purged my sock drawer, scoured laundry hampers for strays, and illuminated the dark recesses under my bed to expel the last remnants. I then bought eighteen pair of socks - six identical white sports socks, six identical beige dress socks, and six identical black dress socks. I felt an immense sense of laundry-liberation. The chore of sorting socks vanished like steam from a tea kettle.

Note - my daughters have also solved the sock-sorting problem by not bothering, then wearing mismatched socks and declaring it a style choice. Fair dinkum. My sock drawer has remained uncomplicated for several years now, and I've never had a bad day whose source was lack-of-argyle-sock related since. (I was briefly known for wearing argyle socks in high school. Youth. Moving on.)

I'm getting ready to take a road trip across the U.S. south, following I-10 from Phoenix to Florida, and I've tentatively decided to travel sans-socks. It's blistering out, a globally warmed summer. The insulative layer of socks need not apply. I could probably travel comfortably the whole way in flip flops. I don't have any plans that would necessitate more formal or stalwart footwear. But I've been searching for years for a shoe to wear sockless without my feet smelling like rancid vinegar. I once tried Uggs. Yup. I'm not a fashionista, but I could not pull them off, so I pulled them off.

Enter Allbirds wool runners. I consider my awareness of them to be a sign of both the effectiveness and cunning of Facebook's advertising algorithms. I posted something about wanting shoes that didn't need socks, and hours later my feed was flooded with ads for the shoe I've sought for years. Thanks.

I almost ordered them immediately, but resisted the impulse buy. I waited on reviews, which came out towards the highly positive. This morning, I ordered.

Style wise, these are a bit like the Yeezy Boost line, but more understated ... less Kanye. Though they're called runners they're probably more suited to walking. Wool Walkers actually has a nice ring to it, come to think of it. The shoes only come in whole number sizing, and the manufacturer recommends if you wear a half size to order up, which I did. I didn't spring for the $10 impatient shipping option, so my shoes should arrive in about a week. That still gives me time to test wear them for a bit before my upcoming trek, and make my sock-packing decision.

Photo for the day: Burrowing Owl.

This fellow was just off the quiet road on my way home last evening. I came to a stop without pulling off to the side, and snapped a few shots. His head was turned away for the most part, but I managed to capture this one by whistling at him.


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