Wednesday, September 20, 2017

September 2017 - Corbijn style

My wife and I attended U2's Joshua Tree 2017 Concert last night. The stadium has camera restrictions, so I didn't take photographs worth sharing here. But while listening to the band go through their iconic album, they had visuals blazing behind them on a wide screen that stood three stories tall and almost stretched the width of the football field. Anton Corbijn's images and videos breathed with the music, and I was mesmerized.

I decided after the concert to re-process a photo I'd taken to see if I could mimic his style - high contrast, often low-key, with graininess, and sometimes a striking use of depth of field. The image I chose to process doesn't use an interesting depth of field, but otherwise, I think it works.

Edit: for those interested in Corbijn's style, you may get value from this article. Something I hadn't considered is that he uses a slow shutter speed (1/60 - 1/30 sec) and takes his shots hand held, allowing a sense of movement and imperfection to define part of his imagery. Some people have the magic.

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