September 2017 - Tired

The closer one comes to deciding to sell a car, the probability of that car requiring maintenance approaches 1. Over the past week, my commute has been considerably more shaky than I like when I hit speeds over 60 mph. I knew I needed to do something, but I probably wouldn't have unless my wife had suggested we switch vehicles yesterday so I could haul a wood chipper home, and I didn't like the idea of her driving my car in its current condition. We didn't switch vehicles yesterday, but we did this morning. I drove her quiet, surprisingly swift Toyota Highlander Hybrid in to work, and she took my Mustang in for two new tires (we replaced two before our Colorado trip). Turns out that I was down to the metal on one of them.

So, it seems somehow appropriate to share a couple more photos of asses. These are wild (feral, really) asses that will appear from Autumn through Spring along Carefree Highway. Sorry about the image quality - I was at full extension on my camera to capture these shy creatures.


There were easily forty of these guys out there, which is the largest group of them I've ever spotted. As I tried to get closer, they would start to spook, and then I would whistle erratically, and they would stop and stare at me for a for seconds.

Image sized for use as a Facebook cover photo.
I may try to take a final road trip in the Mustang before I sell it. I'm aiming to replace it with a hybrid sedan of some variety - something with better fuel mileage and less cabin noise. And a moon/sun roof. And a decent sound system. We'll see.


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