October 2017 - Taste of Cave Creek

For two nights a year, I get to pretend to be an event photographer at the Taste of Cave Creek food festival. I'll confess that it's not my favorite thing to do, as I have to prioritize information over aesthetics to some degree, often performing compositional gymnastics to make sure a logo is readable in the frame. But I still manage to get a few shots that I like each time.

Dulce Dorado Tequila - I sacrificed the letter A to hide unsightly items from frame.

Local band of high school kids. Tough lighting for my 1" sensor.

Crowd shot listening to one of the main event attractions.

My first long exposure with this camera. It would've been clearer, but I was at the top of a staircase and a little boy stomped his way up during my shot.

Ryan Sims performing for the V.I.P. experience.

Face painting.


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