December 2017 - Music & Metrics

I buy a lot of music.

That's an iTunes screenshot, but I buy my music elsewhere. It's mostly 320 kbps MP3, though I've got a couple of lossless albums, and a smattering of vinyl LPs at home.

I have multiple versions of some albums - mono versions, stereo version, originals, remasters. I have maxed out the 20,000 songs I can sync to Google Play on the free account. I have upgraded my iPod Classic from a 160GB hard to a 256GB SSD. It may, in fact, be a psychological problem. But, I do listen to what I buy, repeatedly.

Having said all that, I have a fascination with my music listening metrics in iTunes, and something has happened that messed mine up.

I reset these numbers once a year (I'm almost due) and I am 100% sure that I did NOT listen to any song on The Cars 'Heartbeat City' album 57 times this year. I realize that would only be a little over one listen per week, but I have a LOT of music, and The Cars are not in heavy rotation. 80s music generally wasn't in heavy rotation this year. I recall being fixated on folk and orchestral for most of the year, with a stint of searching for 70s hi-fi era music that I liked. None of those made the list. Also, Max Richter's 'Sleep' is a little light, because I often use it to fall asleep. Something has gone awry. I did a music library migration between two laptops a few months ago, and it seemed clean at the time.

In years past, I've been very surprised at my favorite song numerically speaking, but I've always been able to figure out how it could've happened. But this is flat out wrong. I'll reset it on New Years Day. Hopefully it will make more sense at the end of 2018.


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